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About Us

Salt Decoration is the Biggest Online Store of Himalayan Salt Lamps and we are working as a team to provide you the best quality Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Products at your door step Worldwide. All of our genuine quality Natural Himalayan Salt come directly from Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas. We pride ourselves not just on our natural high quality products but also our high level of customer service. Try us out and we guarantee you will have a great experience. We are confident we have the cheapest online prices (including shipping). We not only focus on our products, but the customer service creates a great amount of trust among customer over a period of time.

Our Salt Lamps are hand carved in several popular shapes that will transform any space and enhance your visual experience, which is why we believe they make such unique gifts. The beautiful glow from a Himalayan Salt Lamp will bring a tranquil ambiance to your home. Rock Salt lamps are best placed near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices with air-conditioning – anywhere you would like to restore or preserve the natural air purity.

AY Trading Company is working with dedicated customer support staff in order to provide our audience clear and concrete information within a minimum time span. We care for our customers, and every single customer feels like a family while dealing with us.